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My parents immigrated to America in the late ’70s, met in California, fell in love over a bowl of Top Ramen and had three children; I am the middle child.

My first language was Vietnamese. I learned English at 3 years old and wasn’t much of a talker. It wasn’t until I discovered journaling later that I found a voice, and writing became my medium.

When my parents installed our first dial-up modem, I discovered a whole other world — a world of GeoCities. I began exploring HTML, Java-script and CSS. And when words weren’t enough, I began taking and editing photos, drafting cartoons on Paint and even coding “cool” colored scroll bars. Little did I know that these early experiences would lead to a thriving creative career.

In 2007, I landed print journalism gigs and, over the years, pushed the limits of content into various platforms from desktop publishing to mobile and tablet apps to responsive and UX design.

I have managed content teams and played integral roles in the conception and execution of content strategies and calendars, and brand positioning at the intersection of content and marketing.

Since then, I’ve transitioned my storytelling abilities to brand creation and management. Let me tell your brand’s story.

lynn lieu


outdoor photography + design

Outdoor photography and design work for boutique company Ektos Unlimited, formerly Due North Adventure Consultants, specializing in outdoor training and guiding.
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corporate rebrand

Rebranding Telogis, Fleetmatics and Network Fleet under one division umbrella for Verizon as part of their new SaaS venture.
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