Since launch in November 2017, celebrity clothing brand Birdiebee, by Brie and Nikki Bella from WWE fame, struggled with marketing internal calendars, workflows and initiatives. I was tasked to bring together the marketing department as a single-person team.

Starting with internal structure, I put in place processes and calendars that married design, production, delivery, marketing, public relations, events and customer service lifecycles focusing primarily on the customer experience and touch points.

Secondary to workflow restructure was management of all marketing initiatives including eCommerce site updates, social media, emailers, B2B catalogs, photoshoots, events, pop-up shops and more. Under the direction of the President, I implemented a product diversification strategy towards Birdiebee’s marketing efforts. Initially launching with one level of products targeted towards the savvy, more active shopper, we diversified Birdiebee’s offerings to include a transitionary line, Bella Army, targeted towards the twin’s existing WWE fan base at a lower price point with darker colors and larger sizes. At the end of my time with the company, the brand was poised to launch a third tier product line composed of organic and higher-end materials for a luxury look-and-feel.

Third, was celebrity, influencer and freelancer management. Other responsibilities included merchandising, photography and graphic design.

As of June 2018, Birdiebee was on track to make a projected $3M to $4M by year’s end.

Key projects I lead include:

  • Implementing diversified product strategy into marketing initatives
  • Implementing internal processes including marketing calendars composed of design, production, delivery, marketing, public relations, events and customer service lifecycles
  • Implementing marketing workflow and processes emphasizing customer lifecycle and touch points
  • Implementing pop-up store campaign, including opening first store
  • ECommerce site management including routine updates and promo, stock and merchandizing management
  • Social media management
  • Celebrity, influencer and freelancer management
  • Photoshoot execution
  • Publicity and brand partnership management

Birdiebee pop-up shop publicity:


ROLE: Marketing Manager
COMPANY: Birdiebee
DATE: Jan. 2018 – June 2018